xyz dead promise…

June 17, 2006 § 2 Comments

So do i swear?
Of course not the oath of absolute gullibility but coarse words coursing with rage.

So do i rant and rave when life presents a knocker but slams the door in my face??
Should this be in the extremely private space of my blog (which i assume no one reads anyway)?

Sketch, mull, gaze, meander, wander or simply blather on like a verbose sea gull. Keep soaring. Float away. oh its Bach to haunt Richard than ever.

Or hit hard and swear harder. Wat TF, Who TF, Why TF ….basically WTF.

Yep. its the need for it. well, life made way for things like a bad movie throttling your sensibilities or a terrific spate of rain making the bitter trudge back home, enjoyable.

Sigh, sigh and triple sigh.
life so mortal and ephemeral, and yet so much seems to happen. un-believable.


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