The words have different meaning.

October 10, 2006 § Leave a comment

I am quite disgusted with this puritan focus on seeing, doing and believing one thing at a time.

There are way too many concepts and way too many people with hopefully differing perspectives corresponding to each of them. And sometimes even realities differ with each of person.

As long as that person does not force or expect another to espouse such a reality, there is no chance of conflict. The point ultimately then being that all is fine in the apparent view of a creative personality and the implied ‘eccentricity’’ of artists as long as the surface has a solid face. Few will truly bother with the perusal of such existence marked with features considered crazy or at the very least popular for the ‘wrong’ reasons.

The excess of the ‘different’ mind or imagination always attracts me. Some outdated, underrated need for adventure is fulfilled and I remain enchanted by a new concept, idea or even point of view. The catch though is that I cannot quite tell whether understanding the workings of such personalities makes me equally susceptible to their implied dementia or a part of the party I so instinctively detest for deeming them mad in the first place. Irony is the intellectual leveler of all such volatile elements of reasoning. Maybe I just need to remember: ‘’To not tell anybody!’’ or I could miss everybody. But isolation is not too good for me…

You only have to read the lines
They’re scribbly black and everything shines…

Wandering and dreaming
The words have different meaning.
Yes they did…
For all the time spent in that room
The doll’s house, darkness, old perfume
And fairy stories held me high on
Clouds of sunlight floating by.


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