Matters not

November 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

Whine too much, I think. Why not really? Latley I find it hard to hold on… not to pieces of paper though. Some ticket stubs and receipts. Nice recollections of meaningless evenings. Everything looks so good when I look back. So I think today will too.

Hounded my boyfriend. Made him hate me, I did. I dont blame me completely, his fault for convincing me into a relationship. Im not ready. Im still 5… I need attention. Dont tell me you’re my keeper unless you mean it. I guess he didnt though. Its funny though I felt like my ex, and I decided Im turning into a stalker, the poor guy was only asking me to leave after all.

Who said pride never got you anywhere? It gets me a reputation for being tough and resourceful. The loneliness is ok if you learn to take long walks. Its wrong to want so much… its should be a federal crime. But go on damn it, tell me Im weak… tell me to change.


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