Love is Vengeance

November 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’ve always heard covers of The Who ‘s Behind Blue eyes and when I heard it today, my nomadic train of thought moved to a cartoon strip about how bands in their time were all names of things. The Doors, The who, The Byrds, The Yardbirds, The Kinks and whatever else. Awesome bands, amazing stuff… profound names which meant more than they seemed. Profundity is side effect of creative expression. Perception is everything. But loving it unconditionally is an understanding that transcends words.

Now love, that is an emotion I have always understood, to the utmost horror of those subjected to my love. They perceive it as something gentle and steady and warm. I see it as something strong, fiery and highly volatile. Even for the work you do, the things you commit to and the small meanderings you allow yourself. Funnily though, I thought of the people in my life this week as I rarely do. 5 girls well 4 really, with a creature of incredible gall throwing tantrums once in a while, organized a media seminar in the sleepy, laconic city of Hyderabad. A moderate success, I was surprised at the warmth of the people I met and the polite shock of finding them human enough to like. And there were the usual lessons to learn. People are actually quite nice and even care sometimes, teams can be fun, working gives me a special high, I’m damn good at whatever I do and then some :). But the nostalgia attack was unexpected, I keep thinking about how I had left and been left behind by SO many people. And I hate how it doesn’t matter after sometime. My best friend in 5th standard is a model now and I don’t know a damn thing about her. I don’t feel any regret, just a sense of misplaced loss. It isnt the friedn really, its how little I tried to hang on to someone in my life. Usually, I dont care much… but I catch this bothersome cold everytime I feel the drafts of nostalgia. Who’s to say today’s loves and laughs will last? But what else is there to do?

Random recollection: The movie blurb for Addicted to Love reads- a comedy of lost loves and last laughs. Sweet! Just another tangent.


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