The underbelly of Oh n eM

May 9, 2008 § 2 Comments

Well not really that soft an underside. At OI, you know you work underground, below the “stairs” and no one here cares a flying beetroot about it. Well color me red, but this place at Bangalore has its share of grounded snobs who love to flaunt their underdog roles to the mainline advertising guys upstairs. It’s a policy of looking work in the ear. If it looks like it’ll blow they steer clear their desks and watch the mind take over matter. And when it sings, they snooze a little as the lovely Bangalore weather and office coffee (awesome brilliant South Indian Kapi, the free Kapi mind you) lulls them into subservience. They must know something that the guys upstairs don’t. See, the interactive nature of online advertising is set to make some serious impact given a couple of years. And I’m counting on it.

I thought I’d be encountering KWs or KeyWords, which amounted to KrapWords when at Google sometime in my career (I scoff at the mention of a “job” dahlings). But working in my “dream” company at one of my favorite cities has whacked me with them at my tender young age of internship in the Advertising world. Others and Mallus as the population claims with their sheer number making it seem possible, comes with its share of characters. My first day saw me hearing out some wonderful live music playing out to celebrate the month’s birthdays and some part of me went “Whoa, this is the definition of It,” whatever It may be I’m yet to discover. Then, they all went off into the blue for the long weekend and I took my first lesson home, literally. I chilled in true student budget fashion at home with my chudbuds and blotted out the pauper driven existence I would soon be leading in the Garden city.

Come Monday, I reached late and waited for a massive 2 hours for attention. Aries babies and impatience aside, I’m the eager beaver who came to Ojilvie no? So I waited, read, stared into space and generally forgave my existence on the planet. Turned out someone was out to take vengeance on fate, they led me to the unsuspecting Team Head who is as typically mystic as they come. A profiteer who loves to meditate, digs mountains and drama, and sucks at management. I almost pity the guy for hounding him to pay me a stipend for my term of two months. And then there’s the unsuspecting team.

At most places as it is here, an intern is a fancy name for someone who helps in making the score on water consumption and filling desks, not to mention having a dozen hands at the cost of none. It feels a little different here, but not specifically something else either. One week down and I feel a lot more feverish in this weather, sleepy when full of good food and little work. Its all good except when the bank account frowns at me. Which reminds me, do you reckon selling old books too mercenary, for the thought breaks my heart.


§ 2 Responses to The underbelly of Oh n eM

  • Devina says:

    l Good blog reading- after a long time. Would love to read the happy ending at Ojilvy by Udi 🙂devina gupta

  • Karan Rajpal says:

    I know this follows and shouldn’t. But since we’re at it, you can’t, shouldn’t and shant sell thy books. Auction them off to me if need be, and buy them at the beginning of your job (if either of us gets one)

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