Downside to the Up

June 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

Ma vie est tres triste…. or not… I’m so unsure of things.

I thought I quit the job coz I didn’t care a floating squib about money then I discover I’m stretching my arms wily nilly making ends meet. Then the money comes and I get generous with downloading music from the supposedly free Internet, what d’ya know… it’s not and there goes the moolah from yesterday.

I lose all my worldly possessions with the exception of my body which I found in Shillong (in muscle and sinew of course) with the going of my Sony Ericsson in December last. Then it resurfaces like a ghost shot in the wee hours of dawn and how literally as I can only sense it out there in the hands of the by now much cursed Vikas of Pune whose fraanship requests have earned my wrath.

Life can be so argh especially today. Thank God it’s almost over.

Well… en enfer avec lui… je ne sais pas… je me moque !


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