Tact is Stranger than Fiction

July 30, 2008 § 1 Comment

When there is an urge that whacks reason on its backside and drives you towards something you cant get, you know its going to take tact to deal with yourself.

I am 13. Or at least 16 in normal years. This thing I’ve developed for an entity that does not even know of my existence makes me feel highly flighty and well after 3 weeks sheepish. You know that feeling that your inner child is taking over… well I dont.
Its usually my inner grandma.
And my grandma is on an age reversal trip. She’s decided enough is enough and has donned her scarlet hairpiece to go shake a leg and ogle at the chicos. I practically spent the better part of an evening trying on… wait for it… clothes, for a… hold your breath… party. That too one where the said accused responsible for my adolescent cravings will be absconding. And its occupied territory!!

Where’s the justice. What’s the point… Who’s wondering anymore.


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