Could I have been…

August 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

So threatening to ask anyone if they’d rather be anyone, anything or anywhere else. The answer practically brands you as a defeatist or optimist as if your wondering would injure your sense of well being at the present moment. Me thinks fear is the gremlin at the door of self discovery.

What would I find if I thought like a middle class insurance salesman or even Brando in On the Waterfront? Is regret such an ugly scar that you’ll go through life wearing a bright mask over it pretending it smarts only when you acknowledge it? I honestly do not think along the lines of ‘Could I have been anyone else but me’ often, but when I do, people who know of it chastise my audacity. Sowwee folks.

Anywho, my romance starved, sentimental side is wondering why the boys are leaving home. To farther places than I can reach to make it easier for them to leave things behind or me to forget. Whichever it maybe, here’s a vocalized thanks for passing through… don’t stay away so long that I’ll imagine everything we had was perfect. And know that I love ya fellers for worse than better.

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