August 14, 2008 § 1 Comment

Maybe I’m getting sentimental ’cause I’m sick or I just am.

These here are my roomies, Jyotika and Nicola with me in the middle. Temperament wise, attitude wise and definitely per the position of my bed in the room. These are caricatures of how we are perceived, sketched by yours truly, when we moved into the new room at Lavale, and it hangs outside for all to see. Why hide?

I fell sick yesterday morning. The stomach was rebelling against my system in every possible way leading to a blackout, groaning and moaning like the kid in Exorcist, and finishing off with moi passed out like a two day drunk. Considering that both roomies were to leave, one for home (Delhi) and the other for Goa (so was I that same night… call it a hidden blessing) they took care of Every little thing. From glucose to fruit to buckets of water (this happens when there’s a water crisis in hostel). I know I suck when I’m sick (annoyingly cranky baby unfed, refusing to sleep type), so if I’m better its got to be their fault. Neighbors, friends and these girlies here, make me wonder why I don’t like people much.

Much thanks and much much obliged girlfriends.


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