A Meaty Christmas Tale

December 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

My workplace is warm, not that garish orange type but a warm chocolate brown type that’s gilded with gold and flints of red. It comes a little late to me though that love will be lavished on some and trickle down inadvertently to others. I obviously fall in the second category, by some kind of choice I’d like to believe.

The Christmas here was interesting with a tryst with Kings and a live show of watching a 6kg turkey lose flesh over a frame of 3 hours at the behest of the boy. Impressive and educational. Zest for life is as always directly reflected in the appetite of the one alive. And this one is definitely among the living.

It was a lovely evening, summing up a day of sending little gifts as a secret Santa. Nice only.

Small lesson for me yesterday though.

Something a person said about talent being in born and skill being acquired. So things like beauty, intelligence, goodness, genius are in a sense talents and if you work so hard to acquire them you’ll still never stand a chance next to the “born” talented ones. The good bit is that I can now stop pasting these yardsticks on my wall, the bad bit however, is it won’t excuse me from trying. Well, a gal’s gotta do what she can. And to quote A, yes, she does!


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