So Go Aaaah!

December 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

Life in Goa has looked up since I moved my bags to this slice of heaven in Vainguinim Valley, Dona Paula. Thanks to the boy who plays man.

It’s a mixed bag with some sessions of self-doubt particularly in the area of validation of my status of the cool person in the odd lot of misfits who gather at our home here. Which is exactly what it is; a home! Armed with a kitchen, one room, the basic amenities and a terrace that lifts you to the stars, this place gave me exactly what I came to Goa for. Of course, the astral bodies and me could bond only after the kids went home of sorts. Patience I guess is the lesson.

A peek at life post May. Promising as this may be, it helped to alter some expectations considerably.

I can tell there will be some unlikely friendships and definitely the withering possibility of a certain friendship I had been looking forward to. That aside, the opportunity at work is bound to wind me up and down basically marrying me to the place for at least a considerable patch of time. Also, I feel young in an old body, in a strange turn of events since I left Hyderabad long ago. I’ve made a full circle. Finally.

The month has been interspersed with an expensive albeit entertaining half week in Mumbai for client meets and friendly rendezvous, a lovely trip to Palolem beach on the bike with ol S and then some. The odd one which is delectable in the manner of bittersweet coffee gone a little cold, was the Karwar-Gokarna trip. Led by the said boy, we traipsed off with no plan in our minds to Panjim. We hopped on to a bus to Hubli on which I discovered my possibilities as a Yogi-Aghora for my sheer flexibility of limb to accommodate sleep and a boredom born of exclusion from conversation. Though the stars kind of winked at my window whenever I woke up, I swear Sam Beam never sounded more convincing when he whispered “They will see us waving from such great heights.” I was charmed into believing in stardust all over again.

The moments at the Hubli bus stand had a hitchhiker-on the road patina to the experience, with remains of 3.30 AM idli-chutney and chai from a kid who was performing a chance pe dance by selling a cuppa for 5 rupees. Onwards to Ankola from where we jumped on another box to GoKarna for an afternoon worth painting in watercolor. Beach siesta peppered with shells and inlets of pure bliss, the Om beach was something else. So, I’ll leave it to nature and think about how we hit some high notes before leaving to Karwar, which we reached at some 10.00. After a meal which should have shamed the Hedonists (if such things apply in their context) we headed for the beach, apparently in the wrong direction though. Cops on the highway eyed us warily as an obviously touristy guy and two slightly nutty looking chicks walked on the highway looking for the beach (uh huh, you thought right). Post admission that we were indeed of a socially acceptable disposition (they bought it), we landed up on a white beach where I took up my conversation with the stars again while the others picked up theirs.

This trip was a journey to something I sensed I’d been looking away from for a while. It’s like you know it’s sitting at the base of your bed but you’ll look out the window and keep moving along. The fact, I will never ever belong, never ever be part of somebody’s existence in whole or they of mine. I will always be the slightly rough around the edges or too smooth to hold type who can’t be held or hold on either.

Unsure if someone is trying though. A certain bird of a specifically lovely feather really. Something’s up?


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