Hee Hee Ha Ha Ho Ho

January 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

This week in chronology:

Friends got stuck on the MumbaiPune Expressway and almost got raped/murdered/mugged/went nuts with the worry that any of the above would happen. The real man (T) in her female avatar rowed the boat ashore and discovered her inner strength was indeed Spartan like.

Dumping by a to be fiance (rkfeuc) of a sweet angel who should be treated with love and care, resulted in hours of feminist girl pal bonding against the vague, unnecessary so called men folk who break all our hearts when they break any of ours with their sheer inability to appreciate one.

High fever, complete loss of capacity to generate moolah, panic of being broke resulting in workaholic behavior like calling an NGO for projects (uh, how can they pay, d’oh), binging and finishing off every single morsel of home food and ultimate sleep of exhaustion experienced by yours truly. Throw in some meals not taken and inhalation of bad air. Also, leap in fashion sense away from prude mentality, display of knock knees in 3/4 ths led to ego boost.

Bee attack, brought on by a watchman (who’s watching these guys?) created a natural buzz and a stir of whirlwind proportions in the college canteen resulting in displays of cowardice by some boys who used girls as shields. Also, prompted a great leap across a badly landscaped part of the campus denying S the pleasure of swimming (torn ligament) ultimately scaring us all with her constant stream of fitness activities to attain that Calista Flockhart type figure. Add sightings of two snakes and I can safely say I’ve covered the endangered species that now inhabit the campus.

Saw the Fall projected on big screen and came away with the taste of exotic dark chocolate in my mouth as I felt the visions created by the brilliant movie paint the realization that if you can’t laugh or make someone laugh when you fall, you’re bound to feel suicidal and drag someone else down with you. So, got your tragedy soaked soul guffawing yet?

Watchman (another efkrcu) beats pregnant canine friend with an iron rod, breaks her jaw, drowns her puppy in a drain, incites mighty wrath of at least 48 SIMC students and loses job as a result of a scared witless management reacting to a spirited, organized and passionate crowd moved by a cause bigger than apartheid. The best thing I have seen in years. A salute and secret love letter written to these crusaders in Lavale who had the heart to love a doggie this much. She lies buried, a sign of our failed attempts at humanity.

Ex-boy who sought hand does not take well to rejection and threatens to harm sanity or attempts at it by constantly popping up like the proverbial penny to test my resolution to stay calm and cool. I persevere, with the terrible result of having feckless conversations peppered with badly worded advice about facial expressions of happiness that he insists I sport (quite like Heath Ledger as Joker). Psychotic as it always triggers regret at lost perceptions of imagined compatibility and reinstates the wisdom of single hood.

Confused though whether we want male attention, me and my many personalities seek male validation of female status. Rather belittling and largely humbling.

Nice bit though is I continue to work, get paid, learn more, study bits & parts, spend time doing nothing with friends and live like i know what or who I can be in 5 years, though I don’t. It works.


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