Stealthily, now!

April 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

The clues do not add up to the crime, do they? Not if its just a small one of announcing to the world that you accept the mistaken love of someone you probably don’t want or need.

I look inside and then do a strange outside-in peep see, if you know what I mean. Why in blue eyelashes did I think marriage was a good idea, given the boy and given the girl and more so given the lack of anything more compelling than their existence? Maybe this twisted view helps.

Curiosity cures boredom but damn what costs

Curiosity cures boredom but damn what costs

Crime being, wondering what if. Motive being, why the heck not, what else anyway. Clues being, expenditure of money, time, hope and nothing irreplaceable really. Except this post, well its non existence at least.

Did boy make girl feel good? Or girl went experimenting and naughty her, she changed her mind. Tsk, tsk.

Lesson learned, there are people you know are meant to be hurt. They wear their burn scars from a past love like a martyr’s medal in the modern war for mates. You learn to steer clear of these when you’re trudging in the cold rain only single, closet romantics will ever admit to feeling. Some sincere ones, I think I’ll keep. Then, there are those you can’t save anyway because you see no beauty but in the loss of what could be.

I should think all this and not work on proving them true first hand. Experience or not, it sucks to hear that pathetic give of a human heart, even if it isn’t yours.

Well, its done. This bird has flown.


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