Perception and Perspective, the Batty way.

May 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

Flying in the dark, with no physical sense of sight, is a bat’s spiritual tangent parallel to its path of flight?

Is vision redundant to a bat, because of its distance from light? (Distance, must be a concept coined from a human perspective on the unknown. Like Time.)

Distance gives perspective, so I’ve heard.

If the bat has no sight, that precious perspective should be best in darkness, distant from all. Disconnected and outside the conflicting boundaries of light and shadow. Living in a state of sightless abundance, there can be no perspective lost as there is none to gain.

Gained or lost, that state of existence may not be as empty as it seems to the vision-soaked human mind. If you see the light too often, could you sense the truth? In the dark, you will lose perspective, and hence the inherent fear of being in the dark. ‘Being in the dark,’ in contexts you can perceive well enough without mention here.

The perspective lost, was gained while the lights shone on patches. But, the senses know the darkness is where the truth is. The light can only shine on the matters our finite human intelligence can process. Maybe, it’s a blessing. Maybe, it’s a curse born of our finite lives. Self-preserving and limiting in its profundity, the light shines only when you choose to see, to find, to understand. Not when you need to know.

The dark houses an awareness closer to the cosmic truth, the nothingness of your existence, the distance between your defined everyday and the indefinite everything. Those moments when your breath backs up in your aging lungs and your pupils dilate seeking the memory of light. In a darkness so deep where even introspection is simply inspection of being.

And, this perception and that distance lurks in those who open-eyed, gaze into the shadows, not searching but accepting. Hiding in the shadows, like the Dark Knight perceives his territorial duties, maybe knowing that only the bat can truly see where everything lies exposed, how nothing matters, and when it must fly blindly into life.


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