June 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

So what if you look away, will the vision fade sooner? Something missed like a journey you never took.

What would it mean for the ones who look too hard, too long and cannot turn the other way? A silence born of too much to say only expressed in the face of everything being a deafening blur of gray.

Is that then, surrender or a lack of involvement? Only resignation or acceptance affected by the bars holding them in or the key that hangs out of reach.

To be free, would you wrench your eyes away from that which holds you? Affection should be a two way street with the ability and intent to affect both ways, even if collision is an obvious possibility.

Such freedom must come at a price. A little less than its worth (when you value it) and a little more than you can afford. Fair, considering it weighs the odds in favour of those inflicted by the burden of a free soul by the implied exclusion by a disregard for dependency and an assertion of self.


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