"Nobels are not awarded posthumously"

August 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

A conscious and deliberate decision, of the most intelligent of a species unique becuase of its capacity for intelligent behaviour, to not explicitly vocalize appreciation of the leap of thought made by a dead man at the point of its recognition.

The most profound type of homage to ones who play the “immortality game.”

This decision to not humour the need for applause post the mortal’s existence in deference to his forever immortal contributions to the world of the still living.

The Nobel Prize reads as an exact calculation that considers our mortality while factoring the necessity to be validated by our peers. But nullifies it with the knowledge that this now dead mortal’s work has already outlived such frippery  in the name of a nominal Prize.

Consider that, nobles are chosen to receive a prize that identifies this nobility of their being to others, alike and disparate. One of these things or those as it maybe, the names attached to this exercise in tossing our societal recognition of nobility, tickles me.
Named Nobel Prizes after our man Alfred who was a noble minded man of scientific and intelligible persuasions himself.

Awarded in the city of Stockholm an islet of fortification, a literal translation, the prize fortifies the intelligent ones who are among the living by encouraging them to explore the frontiers of sentience. Also, stretch the definition a bit to ‘taking stock’ or evaluation, the ultimate result of knowledge, learning and an outcome of intelligence.

Referred to as Nobel Laureates these folks wear crowns of laurels, signifying distinction and victory, over a mortal existence perhaps. The Laurel in biology specifically associated with the bay laurel known as the True Laurel, is used to create the laurel crown by weaving them without a thread by themselves. The laureates are then those ‘resting on their laurels’ much like the victorious sportsmen of the Roman spectator sports. The ones who triumph over competition in a strategic sport, imitating life in capsules for those watching for signs of transient victory, moments of immortality.

The Nobels were awarded in 5 categories a number that is known as the Good Prime in mathematics, for being the first prime that multiplies in itself (the square of which) is greater than the product of primes equidistant from it (3 – 7, 2 – 11, 1 – 13  then 25 is greater than 2). So a unique number capable of goodness more than the combined efforts of neighboring factors and the first in that line of capable prime digits. An exponential increase that is greater than the capacity of equivalent others in the same realm, a pioneer and a visionary who has an altered view that is more beneficial in comparison.

Indulging this thought further, digits as fingers are 5 in number among evolved life forms, mammals and primates in particular the human with the capacity to grasp and create with each of these sensitive units, individually capable of functioning independent and correlated with each other. Like the 5 senses united by a sixth – the one that makes us aware of our mortality and conscious of its insignificance in the event of our immortal contributions to changing life as we Know it.

Which is why the Nobel is not in memorium. It occupies some place in the lives of the ones watching, living and taking stock. The dead are above such insignificance.


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