#381 of Things I like about 2009

January 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

My job.

With the recession, the relentless We must let you go and micro level re-engineering of hope for masses everywhere and  so many people I know personally, I have seen none of this first hand last year.

And it gets worse. I mean what if your job is telling others they don’t have one. 

Bingham is unparalleled at this; he could land in London at dawn, dethrone the Queen, explain the terms of her severance package, and be out of there before breakfast. – ‘Up in the Air’

Would you dare to ask yourself if you’re Happy? I think I know what you’ll say, It’s Just a job. Are you not your job in the smallest way? Are you not Job in some way? I feel like I just escaped that one. Like other things this year. When I get asked if I’m happy, I can answer Yes with no suspicion of having inadvertently pulled the trigger on someone. Maybe I still throw stones in the routine corporate sense, but I have seen that people are tougher than they look. And more believing than you can imagine. It makes me smile. Deeply.

I wait for this movie as I wait to read every book Cormac Mc Carthy has written. I read this morning and looked up the review again knowing that this year marks the end of one quarter of the time share I have been alloted. Whether it will be quarter, half or a third of my life time, is something only my weathered self will know. But, this is Lesson 2009: People are the real investment. Give and just be. People you care for will fill your life and heart like no amount of self love can. Even if they break your heart, they will make you laugh sometime before or after it. Cherish them, and the person you are, outside the roles you play. Be.


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