Bombay belonging

July 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Everyone in this city looks like they belong. The lack of stillness blurs their differences.  They fill the belly of the city’s tireless mascot, eating its own length from AM to AM in the twilight. Going places, them of decisive precision, numbered destinations, storied names, aligned in directions known, in love with the movement.

The fliers on the train roof are a hopeful collage, scattered desperate in the hope of an eyeball chancing heavenwards to fall upon its repeated calls for action, urging dumb. More productivity in than a beating heart pumping tireless in this local of locals. No lazy time indecision wasted. More than more in the ladies compartment, chewing, spewing, sewing and doing. Present tense for the next dinner, school day, fiance, girlfriends, herself too.Yet the  sameness, a belonging makes them seem a target group. A shared recognition of their difference each. Acceptance of their individuality, sharing the over wrought air as they draw a little closer home everyday.


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