Tangy Limericks

August 8, 2015 § Leave a comment

Rainy weather, dogs howling and warm soup can put me up for these

There was a dog named Bowler,
who was every bit a howler,
till one sunny day,
before he had his say,
his throat was slit by a prowler.

And then it wouldn’t stop.

There lived a family of mice,
well fed on quality rice.
Papa and mama stole,
from the granary hole,
as the babies grew round & nice.

With the third one on its way,

What’s that noise? said Li
Oh just a shaking tree,
said Po yawning,
just as the awning,
crashed through his reverie.

I ended up with

Treason’s in season,
& that’s the reason,
he was out teasin’
squeezing and pleasin’
both Fergie and Ferguson.

Maybe an illustration for each would be fun. Like Edward Gorey.



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